Popular Photography Websites

1. Digital Camera World

Digital Camera World

Digital Camera World is a website that offers both amateur and professional photographers a look into the world of photography. It offers wide range of information like News, product reviews, photography tips & ideas, tutorials & more.

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2. Photography Life

Photograhy Life

This website is very helpful for people who aspire to become photographers and want to learn basics of photography then this is a good place to start. Photography Life offers basic tutorials for beginners on various topis. It talks about cameras & accessories, comparisons, compositions, camera settings, and much more. It also offers tutorials for various genres of photography like Landscape photography, Wildlife photography, Macro photography, Black & white photography & other genres. The website also offers latest news, reviews & has a forum where you can connect, share & learn from fellow photographers.

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3. PetaPixel


PetalPixel offers tutorials, News, Reviews & Guides about the latest trends in the world of photography. It also gives detailed information about cameras, Lenses & other photography equipment in its Equipment section.

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4. Fstoppers

Fstoppers is a community website that offers tutorials, news about the latest trends in the world of photography, Reviews, contests, a chance to join the community & explore groups where you can share your work, ask for feedback & be part of discussions.

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5. Photography Talk

Photograph Talk

Photography Talk is a photography website and photography community. It discusses cameras, gears. It also houses a forum to discusses photography in general, photo editing, equipment research & other topics. It also offers photography courses, tips, photo challenges. It also allows you to share your captures with other fellow photographers where people could review, comment and discuss your work & vise versa.